Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dahlia's Family

I can't believe that Mahala is three days shy of 6 months. She is sitting up now and wanting to crawl so bad. "E" for effort! She is till so long as you're holding her. I think she'll be much happier when she is mobile. Like Dahlia, she is loving solid food. Her favorite, so far, is apple sauce, of course. I still seems unreal that I am a mother of two. Dahlia is saying more and more every day and she will repeat anything. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so much. At dinner, quite often, she will toast to the Razorbacks clinking our glasses together. When someone is leaving she will holler after them "See you laer allelaler! Cocidile! Soon baboon!" Hopefully within the next month she will be potty trained. Wish me luck! She loves her new room and her "big girl bed". It's her "pink". Right now, everything is hers. "My mommy! My sissy! Dahlia's snacks!" So until next time, here are a few pictures of Dahlia's family.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

April: ~We played outside a lot and just enjoyed being a family of four. We have been blessed with two very enjoyable girls. Mahala is sleeping through the night already and eating well. Her last Dr. Appointment she weighed 12 pounds 13 ounces and was 23 3/4 inches long. Sooooo BIG! She is such a happy baby; you just have to look at her and she'll smile. Dahlia is loving being a big sister. She want's to be with Mahala all the time and includes her in everything including putting Dahlia to bed. It's very sweet to see Dahlia loving her sissy so much.

Welcome Mahala (sounds like Mikayla without the "k") Rose. She was born March 26, 2009 at 5:59pm. It was a very long day ending in an emergency C-section. I went through the whole night with contractions and by morning they stopped. So my Dr. came in and helped them start again by breaking my water and cranking the pitosin (spelling?). Then with the help of an epidural I was ready to push by 5:30. First push everything looked good. Second push Mahala's heart beat went from 140 beats to 40 and 15 minutes later she was born via C-section. It was very scary but we were both healthy and my recovery was very smooth. The day after she was born we had my friend Annie come in and take some pictures of the four of us. You can check out her website and blog at for more of her work.

Sorry again for the long delay. As you can tell our lives have been very busy. Here is a quick rundown of almost everything.
October: ~We trick-or-treated with Auntie Anna and Auntie Amanda
November: ~We celebrated Thankssgiving with Grammy and Pops at their new house
December: ~Dahlia had her first trip to the ER.
~Record snowfall which made for great forts and snowmen
~We spent Christmas with Paul's family.
~My parents were able to make it to our house through the snow and
bad roads for the Selby family Christmas.
January ~We got ready for the baby coming in March
and ~Tea party at Nana's house

Thursday, October 30, 2008

September and October

So far we have been to 2 pumpkin patches. Compared to the pumpkin patches we had in Arizona, these were 5 star quality. Dahlia's favorite part were the barns where she could look at and talk to the animals. She told them lots of stories =) She especially loved chasing the chicken.

Pumpkin patch #1

Pumpkin patch #2


The big event in August was Dahlia's first birthday! It seems like just yesterday she was I was holding her little 6lb 13oz body for the first time. For her birth day we celebrated in the morning with a Dahlia dance-a-thon, Coldstone with raspberry sorbet with graham crackers on top and a doctors appointment in the afternoon, and cake and chicken toquitos at home in the evening. Later that week, we had a Luau. We had guests from Rwanda, Texas, Southern Oregon, and even Forest Grove =) If she had more words she would be asking for her next party already.

Dahlia playing with Dadda's CLEAN underwear

Dahlia playing with one of mommy's sirts

In August we told our family that Dahlia's going to be a big sister. We met our parents for dinner at Claim Jumper. Paul and I had painted plates with our stick figure family on it and added a big belly to my stick figure. When we got to Claim Jumper we asked them to serve our appetizers on them. It took a couple of the parents a while to figure it out (we won't name names) but once they did, oh man!!!! The next day we told everyone else with little tiles that we painted with the Lewis grandchildren in stick figures and added one to make 5. They will be keepsakes for everyone.


July started off with a bang! It seems like the summer season is the busiest season out of the year (at least for us) and we don't even have kids in school yet. Here are a few things we did...

~ 4th of July

~ Dahlia started walking!

~ Yearly Meeting

~ A lot of park trips

~ Dahlia discovered she loved the taste of dirt (yummmmm)

~ We found out that Dahlia's going to be a big sister!

Buying food for Youth Yearly meeting.